Common Reasons for Document Rejection


Incorrect Payment

Correct fees must be submitted at the time of recording. Fees charged by Recorders offices are posted many places - check the  posted fee schedule in the correct county  (or call) before submitting a document for recording! 

Not Legible

Pursuant to NRS 247.120, all documents submitted for recordation must be clearly readable and capable of producing a legible microfilm record.

Non-Recordable Document

 Negotiable instruments (stocks, bonds, money); vital records such as birth or death certificates; and certain other type of documents, such as passports, citizenship papers, copyrights, and trademarks are not recordable. Death certificates may be recorded as an exhibit only. 

Missing Names or Notary

Most documents recorded require proper acknowledgement by a notary. 

All names must be clearly readable with a typed or printed names under signature.  

Missing Legal Description

If your document is required by law to have a legal description, it must be present on a document submitted for recordation. 

Other Missing Information

Documents are returned for many other reasons, often related to missing information. Such missing information may include a "return to" address, a "mail tax statement to" address, assessor's parcel number, or even a missing Declaration of Value form.  

All documents  transferring real property are required by law to  have a completed Declaration of Value form attached. Contact your local Recorder's office for additional assistance with this form.  This form and additional information may also be found here.